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The multi function gauge 34011-96L42 uses a state of the art high-contrast LCD display to monitor real time graphic and numerical digital data.multi function gauge for suzuki genuine The gauge comes with a sun cover to provide protection. When connected into the Suzuki Multi-function Information System (SMIS) it can monitor all engine functions including Speedometer, Tachometer and GPS*.

The gauge can also be used to control and operate an Electric Shift System on the DF140A and DF150A.multi function gauge for suzuki genuine See the owner’s manual for details on this feature.

Suzuki Troll Mode System Seasoned top water anglers and outboard owners will love this new feature that makes it easy to find the trolling sweet spot. Simply set the gauge to display a lower range than the engine RPM and the gauge will automatically adjust the troll speed to keep it at the correct setting. The gauge also displays the current troll speed and boat speed so that you can always know exactly where your lure is at.

Suzuki Precision Control

Suzuki Precision Control is a computer based electronic throttle and shift system that eliminates mechanical throttle cables. The power-driven throttle motor is linked via the ecu to actuators at the engine that are controlled by the computer ensuring smooth, precise throttle operation.

Suzuki Marine 4-Cycle Engine Oil Suzuki Marine 4-cycle engine oil is designed to help protect internal four-stroke outboard engines from damage due to heat and friction. The oil is formulated with an advanced blend of additives that helps reduce wear and prevents corrosion.

Stainless Steel Propellers

High quality, stainless steel propellers are designed to enhance the performance and durability of your Suzuki Outboard. They are manufactured using a heavy duty, full sized design with a patent-pending splined core that features ridges to resist impact damage and a rubber cushion hub that absorbs shock and vibration for a more comfortable ride.

Suzuki Performance Cables

Suzuki Performance Cables are made using a specially formulated high strength synthetic yarn which is coated with a protective layer of polymer to withstand harsh marine environments and UV radiation. The cable’s patented splined core is designed to fit the inner liner with minimal contact, eliminating friction and reducing the risk of breakage. The splined core and coating also provide excellent flexibility, resistance to chemical lubricants and abrasion.

Battery Chargers

The smart, 7 step fully automatic switch-mode battery charger and maintainer 990C0-86162 is designed to optimize the charging of a variety of different batteries sizes, voltages, chemistries, and ages. It is safe to use on all 12V, 24V and 6V batteries, as well as gel cell and AGM battery types.

Stainless steel clamps are included for mounting the unit on any surface.

Suzuki Genuine Parts

Multi function gauge for suzuki genuine

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