Handle Steering Assembly For Yamaha 25HP

yamaha 25hp

If your steering is stiff and tough to turn left or right, you can tighten the nut that holds the handle down. Its easy to do, and may be the answer to your problem. Another thing that might work is to rotate the little plate with fins on it below your cavitation plate a little bit to the right or left. You may need to do it a little at a time until the motor tracks straight.
The smallest 25-hp portable on the water, Yamaha's F25 delivers class-leading power to weight with signature portable advantages like battery-less EFI and easy engine flushing. Whether you're headed duck hunting in your jon boat or hauling a 14-foot aluminum fishing boat to the lake cottage in the bed of your truck, this portable will get you there with confidence.

Tags:crankcase assembly for yamaha outboard engine | gasket replacement for yamaha 2 stroke outboard

Crankcase assembly for yamaha outboard engineGasket replacement for yamaha 2 stroke outboard

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