Honda Outboard Fuel System - BF40 and BF50 EFI Four-Stroke Outboards

Honda's new BF40 and BF50 EFI four-stroke outboards offer exceptional fuel efficiency and quiet outboard fuel system They feature a host of Honda-exclusive technologies and consumer benefits, including BLAST Technology for a powerful holeshot and Lean Burn Control for maximum fuel savings at cruise. Combined with their light weight, they deliver class-leading four-stroke outboard performance, plus unmatched fuel efficiency.

A: You need to drain the fuel float chamber (it's a black, round thing attached to the oil dipstick tube).honda outboard fuel system It tends to trap water and starve the carb of gas. Also, it's a good idea to empty the onboard fuel-water separator tank and change the low pressure fuel filter every time you fill up with gasoline. This will help prevent clogged carburetors and vapor lock.

Old gasoline deteriorates during storage and can cause hard starting, loss of power, gum deposits and other engine outboard fuel system Refer to your owner's manual for instructions on adding fuel stabilizer and draining the fuel tank and carburetor before storage.

The BF40 and BF50 EFI also feature an engine alert system that provides visual, audio and rpm reduction circuits to warn the operator of conditions that may damage the engine. Tiller-controlled models have the system built into the handle, while remote-control models receive alerts through the digital gauges or a messaging function integrated into the engine's controls.

The BF40 and BF50 EFI are designed to be as user friendly as possible. They have an automotive-type oil fill cap and a color-coded oil dipstick for easier maintenance, plus they are compatible with Honda's HDS portable diagnostic system for on-the-water troubleshooting. Other convenient features include a one-touch anode check system and improved waterproofing inside the engine cover and gear case. Plus, both models are among the lightest in their class, minimizing transport and handling costs. They're perfect for pontoons, aluminum bass and walleye boats, inflatables, and small center consoles. Featuring Honda's exclusive BLAST technology, they deliver an optimal air/fuel mixture for superior acceleration and fuel efficiency at any rpm range. Boosted Low Speed Torque and a Mikuni(r) intake system enhance the engines' potent holeshot, while class-leading lean burn control optimizes fuel economy at cruise. With class-leading horsepower and torque, these engines deliver top speeds up to 63 mph and excellent acceleration from an idle to wide-open throttle. And they're backed by an industry-best 5-year non-declining limited factory warranty.

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Honda outboard carburetor kits

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