Cylinder Crankcase Assy for Yamaha Outboard Motor 2t 9.9hp 15hp Parsun

The Cylinder Crankcase Assembly (Engine Block) is the main engine component that houses the piston, valves and crankshaft.cylinder crank case assy for yamaha outboard motor 2t 9.9hp 15hp parsun If it becomes damaged in any way, the entire engine will be affected, and this can result in poor running of the vehicle. Having a good quality Cylinder Crankcase Assy for Yamaha Outboard Motor 2t 9.9hp 15hp Parsun will guarantee a long engine life, and also will help in smooth and easy operation of the vehicle.

The crankcase is a sealed volume which provides an enclosed area for the movement and operation of the crankshaft and piston connecting rods. It provides a pressurized environment for the lubrication of these points of contact and movement, and also allows for the'slinging' of lubricant to other moving areas of the engine and underside of the pistons. In two-stroke engines, the crankcase also acts as the storage and lubrication chamber for the fuel/air mixture; in four-stroke designs, it is sealed off from this mixture and serves primarily to store and circulate lubricating oil.

In all cases, the crankcase should be of a high-quality construction; this is usually achieved by casting rather than fabricated methods, although where fabricated, careful attention must be paid to manufacturing, inspection and quality control procedures. The crankcase and its baseplate should be continuously checked for cracks and discontinuities. These should be repaired promptly to prevent failure of the structure due to dynamic forces generated by engine vibrations.

To avoid excessive contact between the crankcase and the web of the crankshaft, fit a shim to the end of each bearing holder if necessary. Allow the bearing holder to cool before installing it in the crankcase half, and ensure that there is a snug interference fit between the bearing and the bushing. Inspect the bearing holder for signs of wear and tear, such as excessive play, which may require replacement of the bushing. Install the bearings (1) and (18), orienting them so that the side with the letter is facing the bushings. Fit a shim to each of these for a dimensionally accurate interference fit between the crankcase and the bearing. Check the tolerance of the interference fit with a dial gauge. This should be a minimum of 0.03 mm.

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