4HP 5HP Reed Valve Assy

Fitment: 4HP 5HP. Manufacture Part Number: 6E0-13610-00. Product Description: High quality metal reed valve assy. Easy to install and use. High reliability and performance.

Is it possible that the reed valves on this motor are blocked? If so how can I tell? Also I would like to get some good compression numbers on it if that's at all possible. Thanks in advance.

Posted on: 04-10-2007 05:13 PM ET (US)

Compression numbers are very difficult to measure accurately. Gauge differences, warm/cold engine, other plug in/out, rate of turning during measuring can make a 50-PSI difference or more in readings. Reed design engines do not effect compression much as they compress pre-pressurized fuel/air mixture.

4hp 5hp reed valve assy

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