Yamaha Ball Bearing Kits

The ball bearing is a common component found in many machines that have rotary motion.yamaha ball bearing It serves three important functions while facilitating motion: it carries loads, reduces friction and positions moving machine parts. Specifically, it separates two “races,” or bearing rings, to reduce surface contact and friction between the rolling elements. This is a much more efficient form of friction reduction than flat surfaces rubbing against each other.

Bearings come in a variety of sizes, shapes and materials.yamaha ball bearing The most popular are steel, but stainless-steel is often used for improved corrosion resistance and hybrid ball bearings are also available which utilize ceramic balls in place of the standard steel ones to reach higher rotational speeds. The choice of material for a specific application depends on the load capacity required and other factors such as cost, temperature extremes and space constraints.

If you hear that unmistakable sound of a golf cart bearing going bad, don’t wait to replace it.yamaha ball bearing It’s one of the most important components in the entire system and will quickly cause the tires to wear out prematurely and also affect your camber and toe which are important adjustment for getting the best possible tire life out of your cart.

While these bearings are an integral part of the overall design of the golf cart they are not cheap to repair or replace, so it’s best to take care of them and keep them maintained as often as possible. Taking care of this bearing, along with the other parts that mount it to the wheel and hub, will extend the overall life of your cart.

The kit contains everything you need to do the job and comes with a full instruction manual as well as all the seals needed for a complete repair. The kits feature high-speed bearings that are manufactured to ABEC 3 precision levels and sealed with triple lip rubber seals to keep the grease in and water and dirt out. They are lubricated with Chevron SRI-2 lubricant which contains rust and oxidation inhibitors.

This ATV front knuckle bearings kit fits the Yamaha 4 x 4 Wolverine 350, Big Bear 400, Kodiak 400 and Grizzly 600 and is a high quality double shielded ball bearing. The kit contains 2 bearings for the front right and left wheels.

If you are doing the installation yourself make sure that you use a good quality wheel bearing grease, like the EZGO/Club Car branded brand and do not over tighten the nut. It can be tempting to over tighten to get the job done but this is not a good idea and can result in early failure of the bearings. It is also a good idea to heat the wheel hub or carrier prior to installing the new bearings as this will expand it slightly and will make them easier to install.

Yamaha ball bearing