Impeller Water Pump Repair Kit With Housing

The water pump is critical to the performance of your outboard engine. Without it, your engine could overheat and be damaged beyond repair. It is recommended that you service the water pump every other year, or when your outboard has been run hard and long. This impeller water pump repair kit with housing includes everything you need to do the job.

Before you begin, clean all of the mating surfaces. A sharp razor blade or a little fine emery paper will remove the larger bits of gasket and sealant. Make sure there are no score marks or gouges, which can let water leak past the impeller vanes.

Slide the new seal down and spread it around with the setting tool, included in the kit. A little glycerin or soap and water will lubricate the seal as it sets up, and also help to make the job easier.

Impeller water pump repair kit with housing