Carburetor For Toyota 4 Stroke MFS 15HP

Product Description

If gas is getting into your engine oil, there are a few possible reasons.carburetor for tohatsu 4 stroke mfs 15hp One reason could be that your carburetor is leaking fuel into the crankcase. This could happen if the needle or seat valve on the carburetor isn’t functioning properly, which would allow excessive fuel to enter the carburetor bowl and mix with the motor oil. Alternatively, the fuel pump could be failing and is not supplying enough pressure to the carburetor to keep it filled with fuel. The last possibility is that a clogged vent in the crankcase ventilation system is causing pressure imbalances and forcing fuel into the oil.

To fix this, first drain the oil. You can do this by locating the threaded plug on the bottom portion of the crankcase and loosening it. Make sure to place a pan or container underneath to catch the oil as it drains. Once the oil has drained, replace the plug and reinstall the hood or cowling.

Next, if the issue is caused by a dirty or clogged throttle jet or slow air jet, you can remove these from the carburetor and clean them with carb cleaner or compressed air. Be careful not to force any object through the opening of the slow air jet, as this will likely enlarge it and ruin it for good. It’s best to replace the slow air jet if it is clogged or damaged.

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