Carburetor For Tohatsu 4 Stroke 15HP

Carburetor for tohatsu 4 stroke 15hp

If a carburetor for tohatsu 4 stroke outboard motor isn’t running right it may be because the fuel has gone bad.carburetor for tohatsu 4 stroke 15hp It can also be due to a malfunctioning or overdriving fuel pump, an air filter that isn’t doing its job, or even the engine timing belt or camshaft. All these problems will make the motor not run or run poorly. A clogged carburetor is another common problem. These are fairly easy to fix with the correct tools and some time.

Tohatsu has a good reputation for quality outboard engines. The company produces a variety of models to fit different boats and bodies of water. One of their best selling models is a Tohatsu 15HP four-stroke outboard. This engine is lightweight and provides plenty of power for small to mid-sized boats. It is not as fast as some of the more expensive EFI outboards, but it still gets the job done with speed and efficiency.

Like any outboard engine, the Tohatsu 15HP four-stroke requires regular maintenance and care. Using the proper fuel, keeping the gas tank and carburetor clean, and following the manufacturer’s recommended maintenance schedule will help keep the outboard in top condition for years to come.

One of the most common issues with a Tohatsu four-stroke outboard is when it doesn’t start. If the boat hasn’t been used for some time, the carburetor may need to be cleaned before it will start again. To do this, drain the carburetor of all fuel by putting a wad of paper towel beneath it. Then open the carburetor drain screw and allow the fuel to trickle out of the screw. Next, pull the carburetor apart and clean it thoroughly with carburetor cleaner and compressed air. The carburetor has a lot of little passages and holes that need to be clear of obstructions, so it’s important to take your time and do a thorough job.

It is also possible that the float valve is stuck or leaking and allowing too much fuel to flow into the carburetor. This can cause a lean condition, which makes it hard to get the outboard to start. The float and needle valve should be checked and adjusted as per the manufacturer’s recommendations.

Another reason for a Tohatsu four-stroke not starting is that the fuel pump or pressure regulator might be giving it too much fuel, which could overload the carburetor and lead to overflowing. These components should be inspected and repaired as needed. The fuel pump should have a fresh fuel filter and the pressure regulator should be replaced with the correct one for the outboard model. These are easily available online or from a local marine supply store. Alternatively, the carburetor could be cleaned to make sure it is free of obstructions and that the float and needle valve are properly seating. If this doesn’t fix the problem, it may be necessary to replace the carburetor. However, it’s always worth a try to get the engine started before replacing a parts.

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