Carburetor For Tohatsu 4 Stroke

Carburetor for tohatsu 4 stroke

Whether you’re looking for the best outboard motor for the money, or want a quality engine that will last, a 4-stroke is the way to go.carburetor for tohatsu 4 stroke These engines have pistons that move through four movements to complete the combustion cycle, resulting in less pollution and better fuel efficiency than older 2-strokes. They also require less maintenance, and are typically quieter than their 2-stroke counterparts.

4-stroke outboards are also easier to operate than their 2-stroke cousins, as they have a larger spark plug hole for easy starting and use an automotive style carburetor that is simpler to tune.carburetor for tohatsu 4 stroke In addition, the exhaust system on a 4-stroke is designed to be quieter and produce significantly fewer emissions.

Tohatsu’s portable, lightweight, 4-stroke outboards are designed with durable standard features that set them apart from the competition. The 20 hp, 15 hp, 9.8 hp and 8 hp 4-stroke outboards are all portable and compact without sacrificing the quality that Tohatsu owners have come to expect. All models meet the EPA and CARB 3-Star Ultra-Low emission standards and feature a front mounted shift lever for superior drivability.

The Tohatsu 4 hp outboard engine is the perfect choice for small fishing boats, inflatables or sailboats. This model features a twist grip throttle, forward-neutral-reverse gears and digital CDI ignition. With its integrated fuel tank and external tank ready connections, this engine is the ultimate in portability and convenience. The front mounted shift lever, an industry first in its class, makes maneuvering and drivability easy.

This Tohatsu 4 hp outboard is also equipped with newly designed top and bottom cowls based on Tohatsu’s design philosophy for marine products, ergonomically designed large front and back carrying handles, 3-way storage positions (Port side down, front & Starboard side up) without worrying about oil spillage, and a new oil level sight gauge for convenient checking of the oil level. This engine meets EPA and CARB 3-Star Ultra-Low emissions standards and is backed by Tohatsu’s 5-year limited warranty.

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