115hp V6 Outboard Engines

One of the performance sweet spots in the outboard engine arena is 115hp.outboard 115hp v6 For larger trailerable boats, whether fibreglass fishing tinnies or family bowriders, the 115hp mark represents an ideal power-to-weight ratio.

It’s also a popular choice for older hulls that are being re-powered.outboard 115hp v6 With the advent of digital fuel injection and more efficient four-stroke engines, many manufacturers now offer a range of high-performance 115hp outboards. With a choice of engines across multiple boat brands, buyers have never been so spoilt for choice at this size.

The Evinrude E-TEC 115hp two-stroke, Tohatsu TLDI 115hp four-stroke and Mercury OptiMax 115hp V6 four-stroke are all direct fuel injection (DFI) models.outboard 115hp v6 While they vary in design and layout, all offer superb power-to-weight ratios, great torque right down the rev range and smooth operation from a whisper to WOT.

All are economical to run and easy on the environment.outboard 115hp v6 Unlike the old carburettor models, all use a closed-loop muffler system and can be used with ethanol fuel. In addition, they feature an auto-ignition switch, which shuts the engine off if it’s not running or in neutral for a period of time.

They are also highly durable and easy to maintain.outboard 115hp v6 Most models are built with a stainless-steel exhaust manifold and cast-aluminium cylinder heads to minimise corrosion. They also have a new oil filter design that uses a spin-on cartridge for easy maintenance. Most of these 115hp models are equipped with a tilt/switch lever for ease of handling and have the ability to accept a full-size remote control, giving owners an extra level of comfort.

With a large selection of 115hp outboards from which to choose, it’s a good idea to look for the model that best suits your needs and budget.outboard 115hp v6 If you’re re-powering a tinnie, for example, the light and economical Yamaha F115B is the ideal option. It can easily carry a load of people and gear in a 6.7m tinnie and accelerate to planing speed at 6000rpm with a 16in stainless steel propeller.

For top-end performance, you could opt for a 115hp ProXS that is tuned for faster hole shots, higher speeds and enhanced control at wide-open throttle.outboard 115hp v6 Alternatively, if you’re after a more all-round engine for cruising and trolling, the 150hp FourStroke is designed for awesome maneuverability with integrated Troll Control rpm-based speed control. Both engines can be paired with a Big Tiller or standard tiller handle for effortless steering.

Similarly, the 200hp SeaPro four-stroke is optimised for cruise fuel efficiency and features Mercury’s advanced “Advanced Range Optimization/ARO” calibration. This technology automatically adjusts engine tuning for optimal fuel economy and gives the operator significant savings over their closest four-stroke competitor. It’s also a workhorse and very affordable to run, with excellent saltwater corrosion protection and warranty coverage.

Outboard 115hp v6