Oversee Marine T85; 688-11631-03; 688-11631 Piston Kit With 688-11603 Piston Ring Set STD Replacement For Yamaha Parsun 75HP 85HP 90HP 2 Stroke Outboard Engine

Size: 3 KITS
Sale price$98.00USD

Name: Piston Kit & Ring Set

OEM Number: T85; 688-11631-03; 688-11631; 688-11603  

Brand: Oversee Marine

Condition: Brand New Aftermarket Parts

Made In: Taiwan, China

STD Size Piston For Yamaha Parsun 75/85HP 90HP 2 Stroke Outboard Motor,
with clips and piston pin.If you need to purchase its piston ring together,you can choose the correct links.

Diameter: 82mm--STD

Piston Ref.CODE: 688-11631-00 /688-11631-A0 / 688-11631-03 
Piston Ring Ref.CODE: 688-11603-00 /688-11603-A0 /688-11603-03 

It also For Yamaha these  Outboard Models: 
Year 1993   - C55ELRR  C55TLRR  C85TLRR
Year 1994   - 90TJRS  90TLRS  C55ELRS  C55TLRS  C75TLRS  C85TLRS
Year 1995   - 90TLRT  C55ELRT  C55TLRT  C75TLRT  C85TLRT  E48MLHT  E75MLHT
Year 1996   - 90TLRU  C75TLRU  C85TLRU  E75MLHU  P75TLHU
Year 1997   - 90TLRV  C80TLRV  C90TLRV  E48MLHV  E75MLHV  P75TLHV
Year 1998   - 90TLRW  B90TLRW  C75TLRW  C90TLRW  E48MLHW  E75MLHW  P75TLHW
Year 1999   - 90TLRX  B90TLRX  C75TLRX  C90TLRX  E48MLHX  E75MLHX  P75TLHX
Year 2000   - 90TLRY  C90TLRY  E48MHY  E48MLHY  E75MLHY
Year 2001   - 90TJRZ  90TLRZ  C90TLRZ
Year 2002   - 90TLRA
Year 2003   - 90TLRB
Year 2004   - 90TLRC
Year 2005   - 90TLRD
Year 2006 and Later 2-stroke
90TLR 6H1-1022121
90TLR 6H1-1035287

Customer Reviews

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Edmund Stephens

I appreciate the unique features of this product, such as its compact size and lightweight design, but it may not be suitable for all applications or environments.

Byron Johnson

The customer service team was friendly and professional when I had questions about my order, but I wish there had been more transparency around the return policy.


Carol Samson

The product has exceeded my expectations in terms of durability and longevity, but it may require more maintenance than some other products on the market.

Rebecca Aled(k)

The functionality of this product is impressive, but it may not be as intuitive or user-friendly as some other options available on the market.

Emmanuel Antonia

I am satisfied with the overall quality of this product, but there are some minor flaws that detract from its appearance and functionality.


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