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We offer our clients with a qualitative range of Power Capacitors. These are normal duty capacitors, which are designed for power factor correction in low-voltage plants. This range is suitable for linear loads such as motors and transformers.



We offer these in two configurations viz. The round cap aluminum cylindrical body ,model “TPR-BKMJ" from 10 to 30 KVA rating output in 400-440V, and the model "TPR-BSMJ" use MS square box with sleek ABS front cover and square cap from 2.5 to 50 KVA rating output suitable for 400-440V in different frame sizes.




•Energy savings through low electrical losses of capacitor

• User friendly design for banking arrangement 

• Modular design ensures on site repair/maintenance

• Ramp profile with Heavy Edge Metallization

• Soft (semi-liquid) or pure epoxy resin to withstand high temperature

• High current handling capacity

• Low leakage current & ESR

• Flexible epoxy as impregnated, no leakage

• Explosion proof design to prevent any accident

• Life expectancy of over 1,00,000 hours.



Technical Specification:

1.Rated voltage(Un):0.25-1KV.AC

2.Capacitance tolerance:-5% to +10%

3.Dissipation Factor:tgδ≤0.10%(50Hz 20℃)

4.With standing voltage: Inter-electrode 3000V.AC 10S for products below 0.5kv 2Un+2kv 10S for products above 0.5kv Electrode casing:2.15Un2S

5.Allowed max voltage:≤110%Un

6.Allowed max current:≤130%In

7.Self-discharge characteristics: Its residual voltage is under 50V in 3 minutes after shutting off the power.