Using a Gear Kit to Teach Fractions

When it comes to purchasing a gear kit, you have a lot of options.gear kit foward There are different sized carriers and pinion gears. There are also different ring gears available. It is important to understand these different parts of the rear-end before choosing a specific gear set.

Fortunately, we have this fun activity to help you! Gears are a great way to teach kids about fractions.gear kit foward You can divide the class into two groups, with one group watching the "input" gear and calling out each time it goes around ("one... two... three") and the other watching the "output" gear and counting each time it moves (e.g., "one - twelve - thirty-six").

The gears need to have the same pitch circle for them to mesh together. If you think of the two gears as being two discs that drive by friction, then the perimeter of those discs is the pitch circle. You can use this formula to calculate the distance between two gears: the sum of their pitch diameters divided by 2 equals the number of teeth they have in common.

Gear kit foward

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