Trim Tab Anode For Yamaha Outboard Motor 25hp 30hp 50hp

Trim Tab Anode for yamaha outboard motor 25hp 30hp 40hp 50hp

The reason you need anodes is that every time your boat goes out in the water it becomes immersed in an electrolyte, which is a mixture of salt and water. When dissimilar metals are put together in this electrolyte they begin to corrode. Corrosion attacks the least resistant metal first and it is these metals that your anodes are designed to protect from corrosion. Anodes are typically made of zinc and serve as a sacrificial metal, which is consumed by corrosion before it damages other parts of your outboard or sterndrive.

On many outboards and sterndrives, anodes are mounted on the transom bracket or power trim. On larger outboards and sterndrives, internal anodes are also mounted inside the powerhead. Powerhead anodes are especially important since the powerhead is cooled by raw water pumped through it. Without these anodes the raw water would corrode the powerhead from within, damaging the engine and possibly destroying it.

In addition to protecting the outboard or sterndrive from corrosion, anodes also have another very important function. They are a very effective means of compensating for the effect that the wind has on the boat while underway or when trimmed up for plane. The anodes are able to counteract this effect by drawing electrons away from the metals that cause yaw, trim, and list.

A properly adjusted trim tab will eliminate or greatly reduce the tendency of your boat to steer to one side or the other as you are driving up and down on plane. You can adjust the tab to starboard (to the right looking at the back of the boat) to add drag and reduce the pull toward port that many boats tend to develop. It is important to keep in mind that you won't be able to get rid of all pull with this adjustment, but it should be significantly reduced and can make a big difference. For more information see the article How to Set a Trim Tab.

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