Tohatsu Outboard Coils

When you think of an outboard motor Tohatsu isn’t always a name that comes to mind, but Tohatsu has been making outboard engines for over 60 years and they are known for their quality.tohatsu outboard coils At Wholesale Marine we’re proud to carry a full line of Tohatsu parts including ignition coils for all your Tohatsu 2 and 4 stroke outboard motors.

The way these work is pretty simple, you’ve got the main terminal end and then the spark plug end and there’s a little bit of resistance built into the carbon leads, that resistor helps to make sure that you’re not overcharging the spark plugs. Ideally you want that end to be about a 1 kilo ohm, but that can vary by manual, so you really need to check with yours.

Once you’ve got that there’s a point here that the charging current goes into, it’s connected to the kill switch so if your lanyard is pulled then this connection will close and it won’t charge the capacitor. If it’s open though then this voltage will go up through the primary coil here and it will induce a high voltage into the secondary coil, that voltage will come down your HT lead and through the spark plug where it will create a spark and then it will dissipate into the engine block and you’ve got a running motor.

It’s important to keep up with the routine maintenance of your Tohatsu motor to ensure its longevity. We carry all the essential Tohatsu spark plugs, fuel lines and other parts you need to get your outboard up and running again. We also have a great selection of Tohatsu oil and stabilizer to help you take care of your engine and maintain its performance.

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Carburetor for tohatsu outboard motor

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