How to Find Out the Year Model of Your Johnson Evinrude Outboard MC 90hp-225hp Engine

johnson evinrude outboard omc 90hp-225hp

One of the most important parts of any marine engine is when it was made. That's because the year model has a huge impact on what parts will work with your engine, including spark plugs and oil. Thankfully, finding out your boat's year model isn't difficult and you don't need any special decoder rings to figure it out. In fact, all you need to know is where in the model number to look for it - and a little bit of common sense.

The first part of the model number is usually a number that indicates the shaft length. This is followed by a letter that indicates the manufacturer's code. This code is what helps us determine where your engine was made and what year it was produced.

There will also be a series of letters that indicate the model variation, if there is one. These usually show up after the year code, but they can appear before as well. They can help identify special design features that were made with a particular engine, such as starting style or tilt/trim options.

Finally, the last portion of the model number will indicate what type of engine it is. It will either say Johnson or Evinrude (or the less common OMC brand, Quiet Rider) and it will also indicate whether it's a four-stroke engine or a carbureted two-stroke.

Johnson evinrude outboard omc 90hp-225hp

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