Honda BF6 Four-Stroke Boat Engine Review

Honda has a reputation for reliability and its four-stroke engines are no bf6 Its new BF4, BF5 and BF6 portable four-stroke engines are easy to start, comfortable to use and have a reputation for great fuel efficiency. These engines do not need two-stroke oil mixing and as a result they are more environmentally friendly than their smoky competitors.

The BF4 and BF5 have an internal fuel tank capable of running them for 43 minutes at wide-open bf6 This eliminates the need for a separate external fuel tank in smaller boats and provides ease of operation. Its low-vibration engine design is ideal for inflatables, dinghies, canoes and car-top tinnies. The BF6 has a more powerful engine and can be connected to an external 12L tank for longer trips.

It has a more compact powerhead than its competitor and has an impressively quiet bf6 We measured it at 66dB(A) when running at full speed – beating Suzuki’s 87dB(A). It also has a neat and tidy engine cowling that is easy to remove. There is a single clip/fastening on the back of the cowling and it comes off easily enough to reveal the carburetor, single engine oil reservoir and an accessible and drainable fuel filter.

All of the BF engines are very easy to start, courtesy of an advanced decompression system that bleeds off cylinder pressure while bf6 This reduces the compression load needed to pull them up to operating temperature and makes it possible to use these engines at any time of year.

They are also very economical, with a large-capacity, automotive-style carburetor that allows them to run on premium bf6 These engines also have a self-bleeding spark plug that makes them easy to maintain. They are also very lightweight and incredibly compact. Their foldaway handles are positioned exactly at the point of balance and make them a joy to carry, even when loaded.

The BF4 and BF5 are designed to work with a range of accessories, including trolling motors, a tiller-barrel mount and propeller bf6 The BF6 has additional accessory options that include a tiller-barrel mount, a tilt lever and an external fuel tank kit. It also has a new exhaust port that makes it easier to trim the engine when underway. In addition, it has a newly designed propeller guard that protects the engine from damage caused by dragging anchors. The BF6 also has an oil alert system that will warn you of a loss of engine oil pressure while limiting the speed to 2,300rpm. This will help to protect the engine and give you peace of mind on your next boating trip. A low oil alert light will come on and the engine will stop automatically when the pressure drops to a safe level. The BF6 also has an engine tilt limiter to prevent it from accidentally tilting out of position in the event of an overload condition. This will protect the engine and prevent injury to the operator.

Honda bf6

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