Carburetor Set For Mercury/Mariner 2T 3 CL 70-75-80-90Hp

Article about carburetor set for mercury/mariner 2t 3 cly 70-75-80-90hp

Old gasoline is the enemy of your Mercury Mariner outboard carburetor system. It can gum up the float bowl and clog tiny jets and passages. Rebuilding a carburetor might sound intimidating, but it's really a straightforward procedure that even first-time boaters can do themselves in a few hours. To get started, disconnect the fuel lines that run from the carburetor to your engine and place each component on a clean shop towel to make reassembly easier. Wholesale Marine carries everything you need to perform this task like a pro. Find parts fast using the Mercury Parts Catalog by entering your engine serial number.

Carburetor set for mercury/mariner 2t

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