Carburetor For Tohatsu 4 Stroke

Carburetor for tohatsu 4 stroke

The Tohatsu 4 hp portable outboard motor is the perfect choice to power small fishing boats, inflatables and sailboats.carburetor for tohatsu 4 stroke This compact, fuel efficient four-stroke outboard engine is EPA and CARB 3-star Ultra-Low emissions compliant. They are also backed by Tohatsu's 5 year limited warranty.

Tohatsu’s first priority in designing these outboards was to make them lightweight and compact without compromising the durable standard features that owners have come to expect from Tohatsu.carburetor for tohatsu 4 stroke In doing so, they have maintained the quality and legendary performance that Tohatsu is known for while making 4-stroke engines that are easier than ever to transport and use.

4-stroke engines operate by mixing oil with the gas in a self-contained internal combustion chamber. The resulting oil is then burned during the cranking process, reducing overall engine exhaust and noise. This allows modern 4-stroke engines to deliver the same power and acceleration as 2-stroke engines while using less gasoline and producing significantly less exhaust pollution.

Unlike 2-stroke engines, which require oil to be mixed with the gas during each use, modern 4-stroke engines have integrated an automatic oil-mixing system that dispenses oil into the engine’s crankcase through a self-contained oil cavity. This eliminates the need for mixing or adding oil and reduces the amount of time required to service an outboard.

In addition to the auto-lubrication system, the Tohatsu MFS30D incorporates a new front mounted shift lever for better drivability and has improved gear ratios that provide higher low-end torque for quicker boating adventures. It also has a built-in oil tank for grab and go portability and external tank ready connections for easily connecting an external fuel tank. Ergonomically designed new large front and back carrying handles for easy handling. This unit is designed for a 15 inch short shaft and is capable of propelling a variety of smaller fishing and inflatable boats.

The slow air jet is located on the "right" side of the carburetor (see image) and is used at idling speeds. If it is dirty or clogged, you can clean it with carb cleaner and compressed air. Do not take a screwdriver and force it into the opening, as this could damage the slow jet opening and ruin your carburetor for good.

Carburetor for tohatsu 4 stroke

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