Alumina Grinding Balls


High-quality bauxite products, after dealing with ultra-fine grinding, high temperature spray granulation, molding HIP.


Can be widely used in ceramics, oil, fine chemicals, building materials, metallurgy, machinery, electronics and many other fields, with hardness, the proportion of high, high temperature performance and mechanical strength, and on non-polluting materials, the advantages of good wear resistance is currently on the market price of the highest body of the grinding.


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Ceramic random (tower) packing


Ceramic packing has excellent acid resistance and heat resistance. It can resist to corrosion of various inorganic acids, organic acids and organic solvents except hydrofluoric acid, and can be used in high or low temperature conditions. Consequently the application range is very wide.


The packing can be used in the drying columns, absorbing columns, cooling towers, scrubbing towers and actifier columns in chemical industry, metallurgy industry, coal gas industry, oxygen producing industry, etc. Ceramic tower packing include ceramic Raschig ring, ceramic Cross-Partition ring, ceramic Pall ring, ceramic Cascade Mini ring, ceramic Saddle, ceramic Saddle RTO, ceramic Super Saddle, etc.


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Activated Alumina


Activated alumina has much micro-paths, so the specific surface is large. It can be used as absorbent desiccant and catalyst carrier. It is also a kind of trace water desiccant and the pole-molecular absorbent, according to the absorbed molecular polarization, the attachment force is strong for water, oxide, acetic acid, alkali etc.


Activated alumina is high strength, low abrasion, no soften in water, no expansion, no powdery, no crack. It can widely used in the deep drying of cracked gas, ethylene and propylene, hydrogen-generation, air separation, instrument air drying and fluorine treatment for H2O2, also in the absorbing pollution material, such as H2S, SO2, HF and paraffin in the water gas, especially in the drinking water defluorination


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Chemical Packing Series

Our products include: Honeycomb Ceramic Series, Ceramic Ball Series, Tower Packing Materials, Molecular Sieves Series, Activated Carbon Series, Water Treatment Media Series, Ceramic Conveyor Roller Series, Catalyst Series. By the way, we can manufacture the products according to customer’s requirements.

Ceramic Structured Packing


Ceramic Structured Packing consists of many packing units of similar geometric design. Corrugated sheets placed in parallel form cylindrical units called corrugated tower packing.


These are a form of highly efficient packing with separating efficiency several times higher than that of loose packing. They have the quality of low-pressure drop, increased operating elasticity, minimum amplifying effect, and maximum liquid treatment compared to loose tower packing.


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Molecular Sieve


Molecular sieve is a crystallized aluminosilicate. With homogeneous pore size and high specific surface area, Molecular sieve bears excellent features as follows:


Select adsorbing per molecular size and shape, only adsorb the molecular which pore size is smaller than molecular sieve.For small polarity molecules and unsaturated molecules, the higher degree of saturation and polarity, the stronger selective adsorption is;Strong water absorption. Even under high temperature and low moisture content, Molecular sieve still have very high absorption capacity.Typical products: 3A、4A、5A、13X and copper sieve etc.


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Metal tower packing


Metal tower packing is made of material like carbon steel, stainless steel or Aluminum alloy, etc. The product has features such as thin wall, heat resistant, high free volume, high capacity, low resistance, high separation efficiency and so on. It is especially suitable for rectification towers under vacuum to treat thermo sensitive, decomposable, polymerizable or cokable systems, so it is widely used in packing towers in petrochemical industry, chemical fertilizer industry and environmental protection, etc.Metal tower packing includes Metal Intalox Saddles, Metal Raschig Ring, Metal Pall Ring, Metal Cascade Mini Ring, Metal Wire Gauze Packing, Metal Perforated Plate Corrugated Packing etc.


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Ceramic honeycomb


As filtrating substrate, ceramic honeycombs are generally utilized in food processing, environmental industry, metallurgical industry etc. for filtering particulate in industrial waste gas and bubble in liquid of molten melt and making the molten melt laminar so as to increase casting yields, also filtering impurities in juice, dextrose and sucrose etc.


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