Yamaha Outboard 115hp V6 Gear Housing Seal Kit

Developing a new outboard motor requires a big investment, including the costs of dies and equipment.housing fits yamaha outboard 115hp v6 In order to make a single 120-hp V4, the cost would have been several hundred million yen. Creating the 115-hp V6 was a fraction of that amount, since it only required around 40% of the equipment and dies that went into the original development of the V4.

As with all boats, an outboard requires regular service to keep it running smoothly.housing fits yamaha outboard 115hp v6 The experts recommend having your Yamaha outboard professionally serviced either once a year or every 100 hours of use.

If you skip those break in hours, your outboard will suffer premature wear and tear. It will also need more regular maintenance to maintain its optimal performance. Next time you schedule an outboard service appointment, let the technician know that your outboard was not broken in properly. They can then take a more specialized look at your outboard and provide you with more individualized service recommendations.

Sierra 18-74515 Gear Housing Seal Kit

If your outboard vibrates when you accelerate, the problem is most likely with your propeller. Remove and visually inspect the propeller for anything that may be stuck or tangled up. Seaweed and fishing line are common culprits. Brush off any debris and replace the prop. If you still have a vibration issue, contact a Yamaha outboard repair expert for further inspection.

The Yamaha F115XB and F150XA are the company’s best-selling four-stroke 115- and 150-horsepower outboards. This popular model has been a top choice for repowering older boats and offers bucket loads of power. It is also one of the lightest four-stroke 115-horsepower outboards on the market.

Shallows, rocky-bottom rivers and shoals are all challenging for a propeller-driven outboard. If you regularly go boating on treacherous waterways, consider upgrading to a Yamaha jet drive. This innovative engine option allows you to get off the beaten path and explore a whole new world without the risk of breaking your propeller on underwater obstacles. In addition to their incredible speed and power, Yamaha jet drives are extremely quiet and efficient. This makes them the ideal option for boaters who want to enjoy their favorite spots off the beaten path.

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