Yamaha Outboard 115hp F115B With EFI

F115B, Yamaha’s new 115hp four-stroke outboard

It’s been 15 years since the last update to the long-standing yamaha outboard 115hp and now the company has introduced the F115B with EFI as a smart new generation of their smallest mid-range four stroke.yamaha outboard 115hp

Lighter, smaller and more compact than the previous generation of the F115 it’s every bit a V MAX SHO, delivering performance that rivals two strokes but with all the convenience and quiet of a four-stroke.

Featuring the same basic 1.8-litre engine as the F90 and F75, it uses a double overhead camshaft with four valves per cylinder to maximise volumetric efficiency and deliver competitive power and performance. A lighter cylinder head and lower cowling also reduces weight, while a multi-function tiller handle integrates engine start/stop, gear shift, variable trolling rpm switch, warning and controls all in one unit.

The smallest of the range, at 377 pounds, it has an excellent power-to-weight ratio for nimble handling and maneuverability. Other features include a composite lower pan and cowling, a single ram power trim and tilt mechanism and a new lightweight mounting bracket. Designed to be used with existing cable controls, the F115 is available in signature Yamaha grey and new pearlescent white colour options and in both standard and extra long shaft lengths.

As with any outboard, the key to extending its life is regular maintenance and use of the right care products. Regular use of a quality outboard fuel stabilizer, for example, can help extend the life of your motor and reduce wear and tear by stabilizing the chemical composition of the fuel.

Other regular maintenance tasks include flushing the engine with fresh water regularly and lubricating the moving parts on the engine to minimise friction. This will ensure the smooth running and longevity of your outboard, and keep it in optimum working condition.

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