Yamaha 5HP - A Great Way to Get Out on the Water

A yamaha 5hp is a great way to get out on the water without spending a fortune.yamaha 5hp These small engines are easy to store and use, have a great resale value, and provide plenty of power and reliability for your small boat or tinny.

The key to the success of these portable four-strokes is in their design.yamaha 5hp Yamaha engineers drilled down to the core needs of light-duty operators - those who own dinghies, tenders, inflatables or small trailer yachts - to develop an engine range that's compact, lightweight and packs class-leading performance.

With a clever new grey top cowling and fresh new graphics, the new Yamaha Portables look just as good as they perform.yamaha 5hp A comfortable rear carrying handle and a convenient, tucked-away tiller arm make the F5, F4 and F6 the perfect choice for a day out on the water.

Taking the engine to and from the water is made easy thanks to a unique system that allows the engine to be laid down on its front or either side (most 2-strokes need to be layed down only one way). It's also possible to tuck the tiller arm under the frame when not in use to further improve storage. A built in, 1.1 litre fuel tank means less space is taken up on the deck of your small boat, leaving more room for gear. And the tank is semi-transparent so it's easy to see when you need to top up.

Starting is quick and easy with a simple, electric CDI ignition system. Once running, the cylinder volume of 139cc ensures smooth operation and superb acceleration. The engine is quieter than all the competitors, and with minimal vibration it's easy to handle, even in rough conditions.

Handling is excellent too, with a nice grip on the tiller bar and easy-to-use controls. The simple steering friction control adjustment makes it a doddle to steer through tight turns, while the throttle trim is easy to adjust on the fly for fine tuning. The Yamaha also has a very low noise and vibration level, so it's great to use in the marina and even when at rest.

The yamaha 5hp is a little more expensive than its rivals but it does come with a five year warranty and is fully serviced. There are a lot of extras included with this engine, including the aforementioned starter battery and the optional two-way fuel tap (integral or remote). A built in decompressor is another welcome feature, as is the ability to lay the engine down on any three sides without oil leaking.

We recommend that you add Yamaha Extended Service to this engine for peace of mind and to take the hassle out of routine servicing and maintenance. This protection plan is designed and administered by Yamaha and offers a comprehensive coverage option that helps to reduce the cost of ownership and protects your investment. It's available to all owners of new and used YE Series outboards.

Yamaha 5hp

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