Yamaha 4 Stroke Outboard Motors For Sale

The class-leading Yamaha mid range four cylinder engines are power injected, light and offer outstanding reliability.yamaha 4 stroke outboard They are the preferred motor for commercial use and Brisbane Yamaha has a full range on display at great sale prices.

The F115 has great power and responsiveness matched with superb fuel economy.yamaha 4 stroke outboard This is the ideal sized engine for boats of 5 metres or less. Brisbane Yamaha’s principal dealer says it has ‘true grunt’ to push heavy loads too.

This 1.8 litre engine has four valves per cylinder, delivering exceptional volumetric efficiency, reducing both weight and induction noise to deliver smooth, high-speed operation. A single throttle system with VCT (variable camshaft timing) adjusts intake timing and air pressure based on engine rpm for more power. A pulse tuned long intake manifold reduces noise and improves low and mid-range acceleration performance. An oil cooler is standard, and a water-cooled alternator delivers superb reliability.

Designed to be easy to operate, these lightweight in-line four cylinder outboards have multi-function digital ignition and a special low-load starting system. They also feature a water-cooled fuel pump and large-volume silencer for better fuel economy and emissions control.

Yamaha outboards are equipped with high-tech features that make them some of the most advanced in their category. For example, their computerized Helm Master SetPoint system allows the operator to set engine and boat parameters for the most comfortable riding experience. Other high-tech features include a touchscreen display and an integrated audio system with Bluetooth connectivity.

The latest models have been enhanced with new features that improve engine performance, especially at higher rpms. The redesigned carburetor and intake manifold with dual fuel injectors provides more power throughout the rpm range. In addition, they have a new, larger spark plug for greater combustion efficiency and an upgraded battery for more starts on the first try.

If you are thinking of buying a yamaha 4 stroke outboard, check out the warranty that comes with it. It will protect your investment and make it easier for you to get a service from the manufacturer. In some cases, a warranty may even cover the cost of replacement parts.

Whether you are using your yamaha 4 stroke outboard for fishing, water sports or cruising, it is important to keep it well maintained. Regular maintenance will help you avoid costly repairs in the future. Keeping your outboard clean will also extend its lifespan. Check out the manuals that come with your motor to learn more about maintenance requirements. You can also ask your dealer for advice. They will be able to recommend the best products and tools for your boat. You can also find information about maintenance on the internet or from a specialist. A good way to maintain your outboard is by getting it serviced regularly.

Yamaha 4 stroke outboard

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