Tilt Tilm Assy Rod

Tilt tilm assy rod

Tilt/Tilm is a feature that raises or lowers the outboard for trailering, mooring, beaching and launching. It can be operated at any boat speed or at rest. When engaged, the tilt levers extend the trim pistons for the appropriate angle of inclination. The power tilt system has a maximum bow down position that could adversely affect directional stability. If this occurs, the angle adjusting rod should be moved out one hole and the trial run repeated until the desired angle is achieved.

To de-air the tilt/tilt system, shut off engine and remove tilt/tilt manual release valve (C). Open manual release valve and allow cylinder to drop down.

Remove and discard trail lock return spring (I), releasing rod bell crank (L) and reverse lock release rod (N). Remove port and starboard thrust rods (R) and two spacers (P). Install angle adjusting rod with the retaining bolt (S) in the open position. Press in against spring pressure, turn the angle adjusting rod handle down and re-position retainer to its released position. Remove rod and swivel bracket and route stern bracket leads through plastic bushing provided in kit. Replace discarded screw and washers in swivel bracket.

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Tilt tilm assy

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