Preventative Maintenance for Water Pump Impellers

The impeller is the centrifugal pump's rotating wheel with curved blades that sucks water in, then pushes it out to be propelled by the mechanical energy of the motor.impeller water pump The water moves up the discharge side of the pump and into pipes or hoses to be moved elsewhere.

The rubber vanes molded around the hub of the impeller can wear out over time, especially when used in silty or sandy water.impeller water pump Stiff or brittle rubber can also accelerate impeller wear. The metal hub of the impeller can also wear out and detach from the rubber, leaving you with an expensive replacement.

A cracked or worn out impeller is a common cause of a failing water pump, but you can do some preventative maintenance to prolong the life of the impeller and help extend the life of your boat's water pump.impeller water pump The first thing you should do is to always carry a spare impeller. Different companies probably make impellers for your pump and you don't necessarily need to buy one from the original pump maker.

When you need to replace an impeller, make sure the pump is cool - it's better to do so in freshwater than saltwater. Close the intake thru hull valve and remove the screws that hold the cover plate, then remove the old impeller. Before you put in a new impeller, check to see if any of the blades are missing or damaged. If they are, be careful not to drop them down the drain.

If you are unsure whether the impeller is ok, a good test is to take it apart, clean it, and reassemble it with a paper gasket. Don't re-use the old gasket or o-ring, even if it looks like it will be fine; they can have tiny flaws that you may not notice until later and can cause a leaky pump. It's best to buy an impeller kit that includes a replacement gasket and o-ring, so you will have everything you need when it comes time to do a replacement.

Once you have the new impeller in place, start the engine and run it for a few minutes to ensure that the pump is working properly. You should be able to hear the water moving through the pump and see it exiting the water pump outlet. If the pump is not running properly, there could be a problem with the water pressure at the motor or it's possible that something has fallen into the impeller and clogged it. If there is a problem, check with your dealer for the best advice on repair or replacement.

Impeller water pump

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