Parsun Yamaha 40HP Review

Parsun yamaha 40hp are great engines but they're mail order only and have no dealer support (although they're trying to sign some up).parsun yamaha 40hp If self maintenance is OK for you and you want a new engine at low initial cost then Parsun may be fine but I would be cautious about buying one. They're a copy of older Yamaha designs and they are known to be robust but I wouldn't trust them for long haul touring or serious fishing.

The F40 features Yamaha's Precision Blend electronic fuel injection system which is a major advantage over its Mercury Marine and Tohatsu competition. It's a closed-loop system that injects oil directly into the reed valves and bypasses the carbies. This eliminates the need for a separate oil tank and stabilising additives to prevent the oil from separating and clogging the carbie jets. It also delivers a better fuel/oil ratio in all operating conditions and results in less stress on the powerhead and improved performance.

Weighing just 204 pounds this outboard is easy to install on small aluminum boats, bay boats, inflatables and pontoons and is very competitive with other mid-sized four strokes. It also offers superb starting, quiet running and superior fuel efficiency and emissions control.

The engine's oil injection system provides a leaner fuel/oil ratio which is especially useful when trolling. Like its twin-cylinder, single-carbie rival it is a lot more fuel efficient than traditional two-strokes but it does produce a little more vibration and noise at wide open throttle.

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