Carburetor For Hatsu

Carburetor for tohatsu

The carburetor for tohatsu is a fairly complicated piece of machinery with multiple parts, each with their own little jobs to do.carburetor for tohatsu It is also very important to understand how it works and how to properly set the mixture screw, otherwise you will be setting the engine for a bad mix. A poorly set mixture screw will cause the engine to run too lean and can be very dangerous for the engine and the person operating it.

To avoid this, it is a good idea to have a carburetor service kit on hand and read up on the procedure for removing and replacing the carburetor.carburetor for tohatsu The steps are relatively simple if you take your time and have the correct tools. It may not be a job that can be done in an afternoon, but it is certainly doable in one day if you plan it out.

First, Will drained the carburetor of fuel by loosening the drain screw with a hex wrench and then using a paper towel to soak up the excess fluid.carburetor for tohatsu He then removed the square base from the carburetor body by undoing the screws and carefully lifting it up off of the carb. Then he soaked the bottom of the square base in carb cleaner and let it sit for about 40 minutes or so.

Next he moved on to the main jet and began to unscrew it, but he was immediately hampered by corrosion that had fused the jet’s brass to the metal of the carburetor body. Normally this can be fixed by using a screw extractor acid, but Will had none of that on hand. He did have some Marykate On & Off Hull & Bottom Cleaner, however, and dabbed the jet and surrounding metal with it to see if it would melt the corrosion. It did, but the jet was completely ruined and couldn’t be removed.

Will then cleaned the nozzle with carb cleaner and wiped off the dirt that had clung to it. Then he reached into his tool bag and pulled out his little Stahlwille jet reamer set with pin vise, which I had never seen before. He very carefully reamed the hole of the main jet, making sure to pick the right size reamer as he didn’t want to make it any bigger. Once the hole was opened up he used carb cleaner to flush it out and then put the main nozzle back on the carburetor.

Once the carburetor was back on and the mixture screw was set at 2.5 turns out, he turned on the engine and began shifting it up and down to find the best setting for the powerband. He finally settled on a setting that allowed the engine to go to its factory wot of 5850 rpm without hitting the rev limiter and was able to get a smooth powerband all the way up to 7k rpm.

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