225 HP Mercury 2-Stroke Fuel Pump Assembly

225 HP Mercury 2-Stroke Fuel Pump Assembly

If you own a 225 HP Optimax DFI engine then chances are you've had to do some maintenance or repairs at one point or another.fuel pump assembly for mercury 225hp 2-stroke The Optimax motors are very complex and require special care because of the air injection that is used to operate them. They did have some initial bugs but these were quickly sorted out by Mercury and they have become very reliable. However like any mechanical device that is used hard it will eventually need servicing or repair.

The simplest way to check for problems with your fuel pump is to use a compression gauge and test it for pressure.fuel pump assembly for mercury 225hp 2-stroke A low PSI will indicate that there is an issue with the diaphragm or the one-way valves that are inside the fuel pump. The first part of the fuel pump to look at is the inlet that accepts the fuel and may be marked with an arrow pointing inward towards the center of the fuel pump. The outlet moves the fuel to the rest of the system and this may be indicated with an arrow that is pointing outward away from the center of the fuel pump.

Another easy way to check your fuel pump is by seeing how long a tank of gas will last you. If you find that your tank is emptying much faster than usual it could mean that the fuel pump has deteriorated to the point of needing replacement. It is also a good idea to keep a fuel stabilizer in your tank at all times because it will help prevent the gasoline from degrading and causing issues with your engine.

When it comes to replacing your fuel pump you will need to buy a complete kit that has the diaphragms, pins, springs and more. It will come with everything you need to replace the pump in a single package and will be very affordable. You can get this from any Mercury Marine dealer. Just ask for a kit that has the 21-857005a1 number on it. This will include the actual fuel pump body itself as well.

If you have any questions about the fuel pumps and other parts that make up your engine please don't hesitate to contact your Mercury or MerCruiser dealer. They will be happy to answer any of your questions and can get you the proper parts for your engine.

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